Breast Cancer Walk 2014!


1888719_983295851685458_2029603596644391235_nOn Sunday, I took part in the Breast Cancer Awareness walk for the first time, Walking for Doreen Ramsey! I want to shoutout everyone who came out to support the Breast Cancer walk!!! So many women lose their lives to this disease everyday and we have to get out there and fight, losing is not an option! My mother is in a sorority and for her sorority, community support is a huge part of life. I couldn’t agree more. It was amazing to walk along side survivors, supporters and everyone in between. The atmosphere is something each person should experience for themselves and as a human and a model, I was glad to be a part.

I want to say, rest in peace #Ma: October 12th 1993. You are gone but never forgotten. #love #strength #healing #fight #breastcancer #gopink #standupandfight

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