Model Life : European Edition! My New Adventure with WM Agency

Yesterday I started a brand new journey! For the first time, I’m going to Europe. Paris is about to be a whole new ball game. I’m excited to be in this new place and this new atmosphere of fashion.



For weeks I have been sharing information about my new contract with WM Agency in Paris but the day is finally here. I left yesterday and the feeling was bittersweet. New York has alwIMG_2925ays been my #1 place to be but the sweetest part is being able to expand my career as a model! I want to be successful and this was a move I needed to make with WM Agency. I’ll be in Paris for the whole month of November so I’ll have so many photos and stories to share. I thank WM for this opportunity and for having this amount of faith in me and my abilities. I expect nothing from the best from them and I cannot thank them enough. As I said farewell to my friends and family yesterday,  I know Paris will treat me right! I’m ready for you France!  #AfiyaInParis.  Check out for more information on the agency!

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Twitter: @AfiyaBennett

Instagram: @AfiyaBennett


– A.


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