Notre Dame de Paris!

IMG_3307 IMG_3186

As I continue my journey through Paris and see everything I can, I had to visit the Notre Dame. The Notre Dame is one of the places I actually went into and it is a beautiful cathedral.  Below are some photos that you can see and experience. We entered and there was music playing — an organ, a choir and everything in between. Its a very gothic church with the stain glass windows, and naturalist sculptures. I believe its called French gothic architecture and its amazing.

IMG_3318 IMG_3392

I think what I loved most about being inside the Notre Dame was, even with all the people and the tourist, you still feel that its sacred, you know. Between the music and the candles and everything here, you still feel sacred. You are in a house of God. That feeling is amazing.

IMG_3329 IMG_3330

Some of the sculptures in side.

Gorgeous stain glass windows

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