Top 5 Things I Will Miss THE MOST About Paris!

Can you guys my trip has come to an end! I guess the obvious question is, what do I miss the most?!

1. The coffee and chocolate croissants
There is literally a cafe on every corner. I uploaded a few pics so you guys can check them out for yourselves! The coffee is so fresh and crisp as well as the pastries. I mean, who wouldn’t miss those?

2. The shopping!
There were a lot of cool vintage shops and as you know the infamous ZARA!

3. The chic sound of the French Language everyday
Not fully understanding the language was a bit challenging at first but after awhile I learned to appreciate it and learn the basics

4. WM Agency
They treated me so well! It was such an experience working with them. I cannot wait to go back again if the chance is presented.

5. The Eiffel Tower at night! (When it lights up.)
Would you believe it only lights up for five minutes each our at night? I swear, I wanted to visit almost every night.

Here are the photos I promised! Au revoir!

cuissons doree rennaisance


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