Snoop Dogg Album Cover!!

Hey guys!

I know a few months ago you saw me shooting behind the scenes with the blue dog  on set for Snoop Dogg’s latest album. Well, guess what, it has been released! Check me out as the face of his hit song “California Roll” for his new album BUSH .

This album was everywhere and you can see my face EVERYWHERE from Spotify, Pandora, GOOGLE and the best one yet…Snoop’s Instagram and Twitter icon! See the full cover below and let me know if you see me on Spotify! Just @ me on twitter @Afiyabennett!


Also, I just had to screen shot on Google. It’s amazing that I could Google “Snoop Dogg” and see my face. I’m so blessed.

SnoopDogg Screenshot

One thought on “Snoop Dogg Album Cover!!

  1. Just found your blog by accident on insta and wanted to leave a quick comment. You look stunning but also I like the way you set your blog up for people to read more about you. I hope you make it big! Will the sky be your limit;)


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