Get The Model Glow

Hey guys so everyone always asks me about what products I use on my skin! This week’s blog post is going to be geared toward everyone that is curious about how I keep my skin clear and radiant. For some of you that don’t know, models cannot wear makeup to castings and if they do it has to be bare minimum. With this in mind it is crucial that we stay on top of our skin, it can definitely be the deal breaker between us booking a job and not. Below I have included the facial washes that I use as well as my every day facial moisturizer and body oil that is amazing for those of us who battle with scars. These products are definitely a life savor and I hope they help you guys too!


  • CeraVe foaming facial cleanser and hydrating cleanser are both great for as and everyday cleanser. The foaming cleanser gets deeper into the skin where as the hydrating cleanser coats the skin a bit more to make sure your pores are hydrated.
  • Neutrogena Oil -free acne wash is a facial scrub that you don’t need to use everyday more so once a week to remove the dead skin off of your skin face. This is great if you wear makeup everyday and want to makes sure you take care of your skin underneath as well.
  • Bio- Oil is absolutely amazing for removing scars and healing hyper-pigmentation. I have struggled with finding the perfect product for fading scars but this one has proven to actually work. Whether you have fallen one too many times as a kid or you struggle with uneven skin, no need worry this product will save the day.
  • Mary Kay is great everyday facial moisturizer for both in the summer time and the winter when it gets cold.

8 thoughts on “Get The Model Glow

  1. I love this blog post!!!!😍😍😍😍 I always wonder how to get that model glow since they know great beauty secrets. It’s unfortunate after next yr that neutrogena scrub won’t be avaliable due to its microbe ads and the law that says by Jan 2017 microbeads are band from face products. I never really knew the purpose of Bio-oil but I have hyperpigmentation. I will most definitely check it out. Nice post!


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