I hope you guys enjoyed the video! As mentioned I have included some images as to what the difference is between commercial modeling versus high fashion modeling. Don’t be afraid to try both, because it takes a while before we find out what our niche is. You are very much able to do both, it is also great to be versatile in this industry but it also key to identify what our strong components are. The reason why this is crucial is because an agency or agent likes to be clear as to how they are going to market you in order to make money. I hope this was a big help for those of you who are trying to break in the modeling industry. Dont forget to add me on social media @afiyabennett and for those of you who didn’t get a chance, check out my new video modeling for Mac Cosmetics in post below this one.

Commercial Modeling 

High Fashion Modeling

16 thoughts on “Want To Be a Model? HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW FIRST!

  1. – Hey Fifi !! This Post Was Very Helpful On Showing Me The Difference Between The Types Of Marketing You Can Do. I Agree That This Should Be One Of The First Steps Too Take On Figuring Out The Kind Of Modeling One Should Choose For Themselves / See Themselves Doing . Thank You For The Tip!!!!

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  2. Hey, I see where you’re a model. I’ve recently been signed with a modeling agency too. I am instructed to bring a pair of heels and a high fashion outfit for my first photoshoot. The photos will be used in my portfolio. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should wear?


    1. I think you should bring black skinny jeans, a black chiffon shirt and a black leather jacket, simple but high fashion. I love Zara they always have high fashion clothes that always gets the job done for test shoots. Good luck on your shoot!

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  3. Thank you for sharing this. I know that this advice will help all the girls out there who not only aspiring models but who have already started their journeys. I feel like it is important to know your market know matter what industry you are in. This has definitely inspired to go back to the drawing board as a hair stylist and figure out my exact market.


  4. Great work Fi!! Continue to reach out and point people in direction of greatness. You have worked hard and it’s awesome to see you give pointers and guide those behind you


  5. We definitely need more models like yourself who are interested in helping the many aspiring models out there with their journey in this industry by learning from the mistakes you yourself made getting started out. Your delivery was also awesome and your message was easy to follow. I look forward to more posts on your blog.

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