Yes! Models do Eat

Millions of people have this notion in their head that models don’t eat but in fact we do! One of the wisest things my mentor Naomi Campbell told me was ” I will never tell you to lose weight, but I will tell you watch the carbs”. haha With that being said this week I am going to give you guys a few tips on eating healthy but being able to eat what you want and when you want. Always remember that exercise is great but these are some key things that actually work for me to maintain my weight.

10 tips for eating healthy for 2016

  1. Fiber one bars are a great snack in between meals and they are low in calories
  2. No eating after 7 pm 8 pm the latest
  3. Your heaviest meal should be in the morning
  4. Portion out your carbs, you should only be eating a cup of pasta or rice
  5.  Stay away from the red meat
  6. Minimize the amount of juice and alcohol you drink because believe it or not alcohol has a lot of calories and so does juice
  7. Ideally, no candy, cookies, and cake on a regular day basis
  8. Allow your self at least one cheat day ideally on the weekend
  9. Try and eat filling but healthy carbs, like boiled eggs, sweet yams, corn, bananas, all of these are life savors because they are filling but don’t leave me starving.
  10. For those of you that can’t make it to gym, incorporating little things like walking to the train in the morning or walking the dog makes more of difference than you think.

Here’s one last one just for fun just because I miss drinking coffee so much haha

11. *Black coffee speeds up your metabolism*  !!


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