Victoria Secret Casting

Hey Guys okay so as  a model we go on tons of castings, literally and although none of them are paid we get to meet with clients that could change our lives. Some clients we wait  what might seem like a lifetime to meet but when the day actually comes our nerves never seem to pass us. None the less, this week I got an email that I would be meeting with one of the biggest clients of my life, Victoria Secret! Now, to some this may seem like nothing but to me working with them is definitely top on the “things to accomplish before I die” list. So…..what was it like?! Personally it was almost like a first date, when you have a million thoughts running through your head about how to prepare , what to do and what not to do and it goes by so quick that you have to make sure you didn’t mess up. Thats the perfect way to describe it. It was actually pretty normal like any other casting, they take a look at your book, talk to you a bit, find out where you are from, your background in modeling, take some pictures, and then you walk away wondering if they actually liked you. Simple and yet the thoughts that ran through my head the night before were nothing short of frantic. How should I wear my hair? What should I wear? How does my skin look? I have to get my nails done! Do these jeans make me look fat? What kind of lingerie should I wear? Every question in the book ran through my head for a meeting that was probably all of ten minutes.  None the less every minute was super exciting and I hope they book me, wish me luck!


“Just A Normal Girl, In A Big Big World, …Trying to Make a Difference”

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