Essence Magazine April Issue: My Very First Publication With My NATURAL HAIR

For those of you who are just starting to follow me and don’t know…. I used to wear hair extensions for years. I loved my weave! As of November 2015 my modeling agency encouraged me to start wearing my natural hair. Although I was extremely reluctant, taking this leap of faith, forced me to embrace my natural hair for the very first time. This months issue of Essence Magazine is so special to me because for the very first time in my life I have been published with my natural hair, in its natural state. That’s right, no more weave. Although I was a bit nervous to see this issue, I learned to appreciate hair and beauty in all states whether that be curly, straight, extensions, or no extensions. Don’t hide behind makeup or weave, embrace, your natural beauty because although it took me awhile  we are all naturally beautiful, just look a little closer. There is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to feel glamorous just know how to love your self both ways.

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4 thoughts on “Essence Magazine April Issue: My Very First Publication With My NATURAL HAIR

  1. I love this. Your hair looks amazing.I would love todo a blogpost about you and your hair on my blog. Have a think about it and let know. Xx


  2. Truly Beautiful & talented you make it seems effortless – it looks as tho your not wearing any make up as tho your skin has a natural glow . Would love for you to model for my Focus clothing line !


  3. Jah love sisStar. You have gorgeous hair! And the photos are so beautiful Thanks Essence and to your modelling agency. We are on our way! Natural black hair rules for love. Blessed love.


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