My Most RecentBeauty Ad For L’Oreal Paris!

Hey Guys!

Things have been crazy these last few weeks but as always I like to keep you guys updated on new ads, campaigns, or magazines that I come out in! I have some excited news because recently I shot for L’Oreal Paris!

Here is a sneak peak from the L’Oreal Paris social media pages.


Being Apart of this project was so exciting!  It was such a great experience, especially to do such up close beauty shots. As a model, you can become insecure at times about images such as these, but the L’Oreal team was so comforting during the shoot and the aftermath.


Several images will be coming out over the next few weeks! I will be sure to keep you all posted. As always, if you ever find me in a magazine, billboard or online, tag me on Instagram and Twitter with @afiyabennett or #afiyabennett

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