The Perfect Skin Routine for Hydrated Skin- Get The Summer Time Glow!

Hey Guys! I want to share with all a few products that I am using this summer to keep my skin clear, hydrated, moisturized and protected from the sun this summer!  I tend to suffer from very dry skin but between a great SPF, my hydrating masque, my hydrating cleanser, my skin has been doing amazing this summer. What makes these products amazing is that  they are affordable and effective. Most people think that to get the best results you have to spend a ton of money when in actuality, you don’t. I hope these products work for you like they do for me!

The Perfect SPF!513788_fpx41D4t51wRDL._SY355_

Whether it’s the winter, summer or fall a great SPF is always a must have. It is especially crucial in the summer because you are at risk of getting burnt or skin damage. I use these two specific SPF products because as a model of color they don’t leave a white masque after effect that most SPF’s leave on your skin with grayish and pale pigmentation. These two are clear and hydrating and leave your skin looking refreshed. The First SPF is by CLINIQUE and the second is by Dermalogica. I have included pictures of both and the CLINIQUE SPF can be purchased at SEPHORA and the one by Dermalogica can be purchased at Body Factory Skin Care.

Want a Facial but can’t afford one?! Try the Hydrating Masque! 

So many of us would love to get a facial every week but probably can’t afford to get one every time our face gets dry. From personal experience, this hydrating masque is absolutely amazing. What I love about Body Factory skin care NYC is that they allow you to try samples of there products before purchasing them. After trying this product, I absolutely fell in love. All you do is apply a little at night and in the morning wash it off and your skin literally glows.


Finding the Balance Between Exfoliating and Adding Hydration to your skin

This is a great everyday cleanser for your skin to use in between using foaming cleanser and exfoliating your skin. Having great skin is all about balance.  This ultra calming cleanser is great so cleansing your skin and adding moisture at the same time. Its typically great to use to wash your face before applying the hydrating masque at night.


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