Celebrating My Birthday At Tavern On The Green

Guess Whose Birthday was last week Friday! Mine!

Although a lady never shares her age, I am proud to say “Happy 22nd Birthday” to me! In the modeling industry, once you hit 25, you stay 25 for about ten years. (haha!) None the less, I wanted to share with you guys, some pictures of me and my friends and family as we celebrated this milestone.


Last Year, I had a huge 21st so it was only fitting that this year I preferred to keep it simple yet glamorous. I had a huge dinner at Tavern on the Green which was absolutely beautiful. If you aren’t familiar, Tavern On The Green is in the middle of Central park off of 67th street in Manhattan. It was built so long ago, around 1870 and first started serving int he 1930’s. I highly recommend attending if you ever get the chance.


Following dinner, I went bowling with all of my friends. Bowling may not seem like much but sometimes its the small things that really bring the most joy to your life. I had an amazing time trying to throw a heavy ball in these 5inch heels. I watched my friends mess up as well and actually enjoy each other’s time.

I want to thank them for spending this night with me and I also would like to thank my glam team!

Dress by: @Shadesofshea_
Hair extensions: @iloveindique
Hair by: @hairbywedlyne
Makeup by: @ashleyjay592


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