Hi Everyone!! I wanted to take the opportunity to do a Throwback to my experience on “THE FACE” and give you all the opportunity to ASK me anything you may curious about! I get so many inboxes on social media about my experience on the show and I would love to give you all the opportunity to ask away.  This show takes me back to a very exciting time in my life and a big part of where I am today is because of my beginnings here. Most of you know me as Naomi Campbell’s mentee from the show “THE FACE”. The show aired on Oxygen in both the United States and the UK. Being on the show was such an amazing opportunity. I was able to work with some of the most accredited names in the fashion industry including, Nigel Barker, Lydia Hearst, Ann V, Naomi Campbell, Gill Bensimon, Ru Paul, Tyson Beckford, and much more. Working under neath and constantly learning from Naomi Campbell was an experience that I cannot put into words. Every obstacle that I have encountered and continue to encounter, she her self has faced and hearing her story first hand, encouraged me to continue to push. I would like to give you all the opportunity to ask me any questions that you may have about my experience, so feel free to comment below! xoxo add my instagram @afiyabennett


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