Urban Skin RX Saved My Life! Find Out How My Battle With Dark Marks Has Come to An END!

Many people assume that models, actors or TV personalities don’t have insecurities, but I am here to tell you that this is far from the truth! We are very normal people who have concerns and need to work hard to achieve great skin, body, mental health and everything in between. From as early as I could remember, my battle with dark marks and scars have been my worst night mare. No matter what I tried, no matter which dermatologist I went to, nothing seemed to work.

As my career as a model started to take shape, the desire for my dark marks to disappear became more pressing. I looked into chemical peels, and laser skin resurfacing. As a model of color, I was told that because of my pigmentation I was not a candidate for some these treatments. At this point, I began to surrender. I believed that I was out of options. It was not until I came across these products by Urban Skin RX that my life changed. I watched my skin transform in front of my eyes, one less spot at a time.

I wanted to share my experience in detail and tell you guys how I use the products and what they have done for me. You can watch my full testimonial below:

The 3 products I used as mentioned in this video were: Even Tone Cleansing Bar, ($28), Skin Renewal Body Lotion ($40), and the Even Tone Night Treatment ($68). These products were my daily routine and I used them religiously. For the most part, they were the only products I used on my skin with a few other care techniques. I also suggest investing in a face towel and ONLY use this towel on your face. The face has the most sensitive skin and requires a bit more extra love when it comes to rough fibers and fabrics. It’s always important to be a bit more careful. Also, remember to pat dry!

To get your own Urban Skin RX products, you use my promo code AFIYA10 for 10% off your purchases. Shop: http://www.urbanskinrx.com or view all products for uneven skin tone here.



Find me on Twitter and Instagram (@afiyabennett) for more updates, new surprises and new ventures. I’m always looking to hear your experiences, skin care routines and stories! If you do use or try Urban Skin RX, don’t forget to use the promo code AFIYA10 on your next purchase! Happy New Year, guys!


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