Watch Me Strut the Runway For New York Fashion Week!!!



Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everyone!!! On this special day of love, I was given the opportunity to walk in The Blonds Fall ’17 Collection at the Skylight Clarkson Square here in New York City. With New York Fashion Week being one of the biggest events of the year, walking in this show gave me the reassurance that with every step I take on a runway, it’s the creation of me molding my destiny. Surrounded by other amazing models backstage, I knew I was making my way to the top. Completing hair and make-up backstage feels like eternity, but once on the runway it’s like you never want the  fafiya-the-blonds-fall-17-7eeling to go away. Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous before stepping foot in front of all those people!  It’s like studying for what feels like the hardest test in the world,but when test day comes, it’s as easy as spelling your own name! Hey, if you don’t love what you do, why do it at all?!



Walking for David and Phillipe was amazing! Literally one of the most creative and innovative duo of our time that I admire. Not to mention that their pieces are hand made and have been worn by some of the biggest names in the business. This will not be the last time that they see me walking across that runway. When walking, tunnel vision definitely kicks in. Fashion editors, flashing lights and hundreds of eyes watching you, it feels amazing, but remind your self not to fall can help keep the focus too.



There were so many fashion influences that showed love for the fashion world. Celebs like Paris Hilton rocking her Blonds ss’16 dress, Teyana Taylor  and Kelly Osbourne to name a few. They have created one of a kind pieces for top tier artists such as the free-spirited Miley Cyrus, the raunchy Ms. Nicki Minaj, the spicy chica from the block J.Lo  and of course the one and only Mrs. Carter aka Queen Bey.



Fashion week is a goal that I look forward to reaching each year and with my confidence, nothing can stop me.  I am so looking forward to my next runway walk. Can’t wait to grace your magazine covers next!



Below ‘Watch Me Strut The Runway For Fashion Week!’ -The Blonds Fall 2017 Collection

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