My Monkey Adventure Gone Wrong, Check Out My Lemur Encounter!! 

Recently I had the amazing opportunity of visiting Jungle Island in Miami Florida. Originally, I went with the intention of interacting with Monkeys but that didn’t quite happen. I thought “OMG, I’m going to get the opportunity to interact with these amazing animals, what could possibly be better?” Unfortunately, past a certain weight it is illegal to interact with monkeys, so I got the next best thing, Lemurs. I had the most amazing time feeding and interacting with baby Lemurs. Check out some of the images and some fun facts about them! 

Did you know? 

  • Lemurs are found on the island of Madagascar 
  • Lemurs are very smart and can learn patterns, organize and can learn simple arithmetic 
  • Lemurs are crucial to the survival of Madagascar because they have disperse the seeds from the fruit they eat. 

Hope you guys enjoyed! Follow Me on Social Media @afiyabennett!!

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