L’Officiel India Editorial One Word… Peaceful

For these past few weeks of me residing in London, I have been having some of the best days of my life…so far (😊). The beautiful people, the delicious food and the environment itself, is just so inspiring. Walking through history, while creating my own legacy, gave me the utmost confidence and sense of peace withing myself in this next editorial. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how rugged of a background you can be surrounded by, the love and passion for designing wearable art will always shine through.

I’ve had the honor to the grace the pages of the prestigious L’Officiel India, here in London, UK. I live for wearing brands that have a combination of sultry sexiness, but with a hint of bad ass. The raw scenery gave a chance to become vulnerable in front of the camera to give each piece a breath of life.

Sun beaming, spring weather and styled & directed by Desiree Diaz

photo- DeAndre da Costa ( @dDaCostastudios)
model- Afiya Bennett (@Afiyabennett)
Fashion Editor- Brendon Alexander ( brendnalexander)
beauty/Hair: Admin Rivero ( makeupbyadmin)
Creative Director Desiree Diaz (speculum_veritatis)

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