My 1 on 1 Interview with Essence Magazine

Summer has finally struck and I am here for all of it’s greatness.

What a blessing it is to be apart of the ESSENCE family! Earlier this week, I sat down with ESSENCE writer, Avon Dorsey on my journey from brownstone Brooklyn girl to model inspiration. You will catch an exclusive on my journey after “THe FACE”, what I learned from my experience and wedding details! I love doing 1 on 1 interviews,  it gives you all an insight on my views in the fashion industry and some of my personal advice for those who want to make a path for themselves.

*   *   *   *   *

I have worked with ESSENCE on multiple occasions and I am always beyond grateful. They gave a young 15 year old girl a chance to reach her dreams and have always supported me in my journey.  If it wasn’t for editor-in- chief Mikki Taylor, I may have not had the same experience or journey that I have today. Humbled and honored are an understatement of how appreciative I am of the ESSENCE family!

*   *  *   *   *

On my way to Atl now

Since then, I have shot for ESSENCE five times, which is more than any other publication. The ESSENCE team is beyond amazing and I feel that they have become apart of each chapter of my career thus far. My goal is to one-day grace the cover of ESSENCE. 

*   *   *   *   *

Thank you so much ESSENCE Magazine for having me, always a pleasure working with your team!  There is never a dull moment being around so many  inspiring, loving and creative human beings. Thank you Avon Dorsey for sitting with me to get any inside scoop. I stick by my word, you will see me on the cover one day, until then click here for my exclusive interview

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