‘Too Faced’ Beauty Campaign

Usually when someone is called 2-faced, it doesn’t exactly come off as a good thing. Luckily for us, we can claim being ‘Too- Faced’ any day! Too Faced Cosmetics has continuously bought the femininity and delicacy of women’s makeup for the past two decades. Co- Founders Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson,  have joined forces with the  gorgeously talented beauty influencer,  Jakie Aina to continue their living legacy. Together they  have collaborated to create a wider variety of foundation for all skin tones.

The Born This Way Collection has bought a positive annotation of what ‘Too Faced’ can look like :

IMG_20180711_205323 (1)

I am such a sucker for a natural make-up that has a finishing glow and this right here ladies is a perfect go too. I was granted the opportunity to collaborate with Too Faced Cosmetics by using the dewy and soft super concealer line, Born This Way.

BTW Super Coverage Concealer_1

With my medium brown skin tone, the Chai- deep golden foundation and the Maple tones multi-use sculpting concealer, my face feels dewy and refreshed.

Here are the first easy steps to getting this radiant glowing look:

  • First take 1 pump of Hangover Primer // Next mix with 1 pump of your beautiful complexion Born This Way {you can easily use your fingers, a sponge or any concealing brush}
  • Then use your Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer to cover up any dark marks you feel you may have.
  • With your setting powder brush, cover your T-zone and under the eyes with Born This Way setting powder in translucent medium
  • Finally, spritz the 3- in- 1 Hangover Setting and Refresh Spray to give your face a natural glowing look.
  • Purchase your perfect complexion online or at any Sephora locations.

This collection is cruelty free and is vegan friendly, so you know KNOW it is good for your skin.  With 35 shades of oil free , undetectable coverage, this collection is super bomb!

Thank you to Elise for using me as a demonstration to show how well these coconut water infused foundation can not only hydrate but enhance my skin. Too Faced, it was a please working with you and your loving team! Looking forward to working with you all again very soon.

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