Woman Walk’s Ahead Movie Premiere

A24 and Direct TV Host a Special New York Screening of 'Woman Walks Ahead
– New York, NY – 6/26/18 -A24 and Direct TV Host a Special New York Screening of ‘Woman Walks Ahead” . -Pictured Afiya Bennett -Photo by: Dave Allocca/Starpix -Location: The Whitby Hotel

A few weeks ago,  I was invited to attend the ‘Woman Walks Ahead’  screening premiere at the Whitby Hotel here in New York City. Loved how the movie showed viewers a woman’s point of view of the after affects of the Gold Rush leading into the new century.

p15271186_p_v8_aa - CopyJessica Chastain, plays the role of a young Brooklyn-based painter who travels hundreds of miles to North Dakota to meet a living legend. The setting of this film centers  around the relationship between the two main characters, Sitting Bull (Greyeyes) and Weldon (Chastain).  Weldon even jumps into action ( as any strong willed kick-ass woman from Brooklyn would) by lending a hand to her new companion Sitting Bull, in his battle to keep indigenous scared land away from the ironic United States Government.

There were countless cases of injustice being done to the Lakota people, it broke my heart to see how native people were treated on their own land. Being able to visualize the injustice during those times, sometimes makes you feel like times haven’t changed at all. I can talk all day about today’s injustice system and how it affects the people of the world, but we’ll save that for election day  ; -)

Did You Know? 

“The actors were shooting as protests took place against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock.”

WWD Jessica Chastain Talks Immigration, Time’s Up at ‘Woman Walks Ahead’ Premiere

On a Brighter Note: Lets Talk Fashion !!! 


The classically gorgeous Chastain, walked the carpet in an eye-catching white and black patterned wrap dress by Givenchy; accompanied by the brands black & white strapped sandals to complete the look. Which lady doesn’t love a bit of bling? Chastains ears were shining, courtesy of the diamond experts Piaget Jewels.

*   *   *   *   *


*   *   *   *   *

A huge THANK YOU to WWD  for featuring me on their website under the ‘Jessica Chastain Talks Immigration, Time’s Up at ‘Woman Walks Ahead’ Premiere’ article. Continuously humbled and grateful for each opportunity to place my best foot forward. As always I thank my glam squad for allowing me to look fabulous during every event!

*   *   *   *   *

Thank you to Direct TV and A24 Films for inviting me to witness a ground breaking film. I am always in support of women in this unpredictable  but life changing entertainment industry, kudos to you!

The Future is FEMALE! ❤

Dress: Jeffrey Dodd
Shoes: Stuart Weizmann
Clutch: amanda and pearl
Jewlery: Alexis Bittar

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