Who Doesn’t Love A Yves Saint Laurent Moment!

Who Doesn’t Love A Yves Saint Laurent Moment? I know I do. With all the events I attend, your nerves always get the best of you. Every-time you step foot on a red carpet all you can worry about it capturing that moment that is going to last a lifetime. This time was no different.This past week, Nick Jonas and John Varvatos extended an invitation to me to attend their new fragrance launch as well as celebrate John Varvatos Birthday. Nick Jonas personally sang Happy Birthday to John Varvatos, beyond cute. Nick Jonas is full of life and energy in person as much as he is in his music.

Having attended their event last fashion week I was super pumped to see that they had in store this time around. None the less I am always super proud of them. It was such a pleasure to have gotten the chance to meet Nick Jonas and I wish them both all the best.

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