Daily Front Row Awards Ceremony followed byDundas World Tour Pop Up Shop in SoHo, NY

Looking like a leading lady

 *   *   *   *   *


57 Greene Street is where the latest stop in Dundas world flagship store has landed. The window displays filled with beautiful pieces covered in bright sequins, floral summer looks and smooth lace. It gave a combination feel of usefulness, simplicity with a hint of sexy. The layout of the SoHo flagship, has floor to ceiling pillars, sleek shiny floors and tall mirrors to look at your self as your walking by. With working under some of the greatest fashion houses (Roberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci to name a few), Dundas has used his eye of inspiration from traveling all over the world to create these dynamic designs for the, Dundas girl. New York City is the third pop-up shop in the brand’s traveling concept of flagship stores in addition to locations in Los Angeles and Mykonos, Greece.

Thank you Peter Dundas for incorporating me into your Dundas girl world inspiration. Your designs have made a huge impact in the fashion industry and I am more than thrilled to see what else you have in store for us.


Attending two events in one night can be a bit draining, but how can you get tired from being around so many fashionable influential people? Jump starting NYFW, The Daily Front Row presented the 6th Annual Fashion Media Awards hosted by actor Darren Criss here at the Hyatt Hotel.  A few of the high fashion celebs that were honored tonight were Nina Garcia, Hailey Baldwin and my girl Winnie Harlow just to name a few. Showing gratitude to those not only wear fashion, but uses fashion as a platform to bring awareness to different issues in the world that can bring us all together.


It is a dream of mine to be honored with a fashion icon award, breaking barriers for other young girls to dream bigger than they have ever thought in their lifetime. I, Afiya Bennett, will continue to knock down doors not only for myself but for everyone who is rooting for me to be great. Thank you so much Daily Front Row for allowing me to engulf in these moments to give me something to look forward too.



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