Elle x E Fashion Week Kick Off Party

Who knows how to kick off New York Fashion Week you may ask? Well, if you missed this one, then I can tell you there’s no  party like an Elle Mag x E Fashion Week Party, cause a Elle Mag party don’t stop! Sorry, just needed to get that out of my system.  Elle magazine, E!, and IMG  came together to put on one of THE hottest parties that celebrated models on the rise and the newest super trends, while going all out with the music, celeb packed guest list and its dope ambiance. We partied in the basement level of The Pool at the Seagram building on Park Avenue.




Although the rain was pouring against the windows outside, all you could hear was laughter, it didn’t stop any one from a good time. Running from the rain outside to walking down the red carpet into a music filled gathering; listening to tunes played by DJ Sinatra and DJ Kitty Kash I was ready to party.  To greet guest with a glass of champagne, I feel like that’s how all of my friends should greet me when I come over, but that’s a work in progress. Walking through the crowd seeing everyone mingle and bubbly, most likely because of the overflowing champagne, but its a party why wouldn’t you be happy? I sipped a glass of rose’, as my eyes gazed the room of all of the dope people standing before me.


A major thank you to E, Elle Magazine and IMG for inviting me to one of the best parties that I have been too in a long time! Fashion week is officially one of my favorite holidays during the year lol.


Styling: @cat_pope22

Hair: @styledbyshaniecf

Makeup: @rennyvasquez

Jewelry: @OfficiBernadi

Bag: @ZacPosen

Shoes: @Renecaovila


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