The A Team’s Annual Breast Cancer Walk


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we are here to bring awareness and love to all the boobies around the world!!! For almost a decade now, I have been gathering my friends and family to join me in fundraising to help find the cure to eliminate breast cancer for good. Millions of people have walked thousands of miles remembrance and support of those who are facing the fight by beating this deadly disease. Each year we are getting closer and closer to saving every life and every family from dealing with this type of burden. I walk for countless and even nameless women who have not had the chance to see the day where breast cancer will be no more!




As as black woman, it is so imperative that we continue to our sisters, our mothers, our mentors aware of any signs before it becomes undetectable. According to the Sister’s Network , there were over 31,000 cases of African American women diagnosed with breast cancer alone. It is so unfortunate that during this generation, the age of being diagnosed with cancer can come at any age. As women we must all stand together by being supportive to one another, eating healthy, staying active and most of all giving ourselves the rest we deserve.




This years walk was hosted at the Coney Island Broadwalk MCU Park in Brooklyn, New York, home of the Cyclone. It was way too cold to get on any rides, as you can see in the photos above my cheeks were so cold I couldn’t close my mouth to stop my self from smiling. We sang, we laughed and took lots of selfies, embracing the moment of making a difference. As an ambassador for fitness and wellness health, I made sure I reached out to the one and only Fiji water to help keep us hydrated during our long walk. I want to thank my mom for always being a pillar in my life and showing me what a phenomenal woman looks like here on earth. Always supporting me and being a teacher not only for me but for other women who need.


If you would like to donate to the cause, please feel free to visit the American Cancer Society  to either donate money to an existing team or possibly create your own. As long as people are shouting to the rooftops about finding the cure to end this disease, then by all means the more the merrier!


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