Beauty and Well Being Interview


Beauty and well being goes hand in hand with one another just like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  How can you embody beauty without taking care of your well being? It’s like Ying and Yang, it just makes sense. Keeping balance in your life is one of the most important rules that you learn as you continue to grow and travel down the road destiny has planned for you.  With continued strive and tenacity, anything that you genuinely put your mind too can happen!

For others to recognize my hard work as an ambassador for health, I commend those who take their health and well being as serious as I do. Using my platform to continue to bring awareness to women’s health across the globe, gives me the satisfaction that I am on the right track.




Writers Clemence Von Mueffling and Teresa Deely from Beauty and Well Being, got an inside look on what a typical weekend is like for me when I am not running around the city. Being apart of the blogger world, gives me a chance to reach out to those on a more personal level to get constructive feed back and advice.

For the countless nights of going without sleep, I use my CeraVe’ hydrating facial cleanser with a few drops of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil. For my other few off days, I like to give myself some R & R with with my fiancee’ and lots of food! I wouldn’t consider myself as a fitness buff, but after chowing down at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, a workout session couldn’t hurt or would it ? Lol.

Take a look at our amazing interview, A Weekend with Afiya Bennett  today !

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