Disney Villains X The Blonds Spring 2019 Fashion Week Extravaganza

Disney Villains x The Blonds NYFW RTW 2019

Growing up, our parents always reminded us that we were little prince’s and princesses, that we were a reflection of them and to always act like royalty. With Disney being a huge part of my childhood, I always wanted to wear beautiful ballgowns, ride in lavish pumpkins and dance the night away sure enough past midnight. But what about the darker side to each Disney story? I’ve learned that, for every beautiful princess there is an evil step sister; who has a killer shoe collection by the way. Unfortunately, as hard as we have all tried to continue to make our parents proud, some of us have a bit of villain in us that we just can’t get rid of.

This year The Blonds have done it again by bringing life, purpose and protest to anything normalized. Highlighting Disney’s first ever villain franchise has enhanced the personalities of each character, bringing their names and wardrobes to life! To fully understand and give the utmost praise to each villain, countless hours of research was done to make sure there was no villain left behind. Walking in as Cruella de Vil, Paris Hilton strutted down the dog-walk, sporting her new jet black teacup yorkie hand bag (see what I did there lol). Patrick Starr, floating down the runway as Ursula the evil Queen of the Sea; ‘Pose’ star, Domonique Jackson serving Maleficent on her own onyx diamond incrusted platter with horns for days hunny!

“The villains are meant to be secondary characters… but they have always stood out to us because they have the best style, the most personality and are the coolest,” co-founder and creative director David Blond wrote in the show notes.

David Blond for People.com

Looking mean in green, I embraced my inner sea monster by rocking a corseted feathered dress embellished with silver and lime green crystals, embodying both glamour and rebelliousness. The sparkle in my eye, courtesy of my sporty winged frames, made it easier to see my fellow villain lovers as strutted down the runway. Who doesn’t love a pair of thigh high boots, covering sensual yet edgy fishnet tights, completing the look with the biggest and baddest nail designs created by the geniuses at CND world.

Each and every look made every child hood villain look like fashionistas of the underworld. The lighting, the looks and passion behind each intricate detail was definitely shown through their work. I LOVED IT!!! Always, I am honored and humbled to continue to work with the creative duo Phillipe and David Blond. No matter what out of the box look they create, just know that I am here for each and every look!

Afiya Bennett walks the runway during The Blonds Spring 2019 Collection Fashion Show in New York City on September 7th, 2018
Who said looking like a villain would be so bad?

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