My Interview with Galore Magazine

Consistency. A word that sustains so much meaning in every challenge, task and accomplishment that I face. Rising above anything that may think could stop me, I push through and make it happen. Modeling is just one part of who I am. Adding designer to my resume, has given me such a new eye and understanding the structure of building a business.


I am so excited to be featured in Galore Magazine, given a chance to give readers an insight on a piece of my journey. Thank you to the writers and editors at Galore Magazine for taking time to getting to know who I am and where I aspire to be. Years ago, the job description of a model used to be stereotyped as just beauty and no brains, never getting a chance to know who we are and what we stand for.



As a young black entrepreneur, branding and presentation is everything, creating the right connections while experiencing trail and error in the process of gaining growth.  My journey has certainly had its ups and downs but progress is an uphill battle and nothing worth having isn’t worth fighting for. It’s so important for you to believe in yourself and the vision you have for your career more than anyone. The clearer you are, the easier the direction it takes to get there becomes. Looking forward to the new year, I hold my head up high with all the confidence in the world leading me to my next accomplishment.

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