Interview with Black Enterprise

blkgirls rock


Around this time last year, humanitarian home runners Tarana Burke and Kimberly Bryant, blessed us with their #BlackGirlMagic on the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine. As many of you may know by now, that the future IS female! We are moving forward with speaking our truths and laying down our legacies.


black enterprise

The professional and talented writer, Kandia Johnson wrote a beautiful piece highlighting my life as a black model and entrepreneur. What an honor it is to be featured in such a ground breaking empire. As the new year approaches, I vow to continue to be humble and receive all blessings coming my way.

Between running to castings, attending red carpet events, staying on top of  my workouts and building a brand,  being a model is far from being all glamorous. There are so many late nights where I am fitting in time going over orders, responding to emails or even coming home from an event. It is so much dedication, consistency and passion to push your self everyday to be the person that God has destined you to be.


The three biggest misconceptions about models are that we don’t eat, models lives are all glamorous, and the worst of all, that models are uneducated. FALSE ! First of all, I can certainly tell you  that I love food and being a model is way more than being pretty. With a my degree in Media Communications with a minor in Business, it allows me to stay abrupt on how I make any business moves. Black Enterprise is the perfect place to seek guidance and inspiration to keep pushing to be great.


Black Enterprise has been a pillar as a source of business, networking and wealth investments since 1970 for the African American community. Bringing to light to the success of innovators in the 21st Century, Black Enterprise uses their platform to assist in creating a flourishing gateway for black business and wealth to grow. A huge Thank You to the Black Enterprise family for including me in the conversation. Read here to get an inside scoop on my interview with Black Enterprise.











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