The Afiya Collection: Where Purpose Meets Luxury

For as long as I can remember I was told “No”. For every No, fueled my ambition to turn it into a yes. A social cause that I stand behind is Women empowerment. Women Empowerment stands as the purpose behind my new hat line “The Afiya Collection”.

No women should ever be be made to feel small. My brand embodies standing together in solidarity and for those ladies who do not take NO, for an answer. The Afiya Collection is here to inspire young girls to keep their heads up by following their dreams and not backing down. This collection is for women around the world to be reminded that strength is always in numbers, and it is time to make those numbers count.

The Afiya Collection is a luxury hat line, offering the finest quality of hats with a range of leather to patent leather and wool that are all vegan friendly. The inside of hats are lined with silk not to mention the velvet and leather brim. These luxury military/ biker styled caps not only represent fashion and style but also remind women that they are strong, dynamic and honorable.

One of my earliest memories in starting my own business is being told that I would was unsupported and that having my own business was not brand appropriate. I was discouraged from reaching my true potential and I never want any Women, Man and or child to experience or feel this way. Ironically this experience fueled my purpose and my mission to uplift others. The Afiya Collection core purpose is to inspire, uplift and encourage women. My collection aims to give women that push they need to turn fear into greatness!!!

Take a look at our ‘Fiya Fans’ and see how they slayed their new Afiya Collection Hats:




In the midst of building my empire, I continue to think of how far I have come from being a young girl growing up in Brooklyn, to now everyone knowing my name. I would never trade this life in for anything else in the world. As long as I can continue to inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams such as I did, there is nothing that can stop us!

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