Revival Swim Campaign

If You Cant Love Your Self, How In The Hell Can You Love Someone Else? – Ru Paul




Luckily for me, I love everything that makes me who I am and I especially love how I look in a bathing suit. Since summer is taking it’s sweet time to manifest, model beauties Joy Corrigan, Anna Avila and I packed our bags and headed to Miami to live our best lives in our new Revival Swimwear.



Working with the beautifully talented photographer, Holly Parker,  shooting in warm weather always takes me back to my families native land in the Bahamas. When working with other dynamic women, work doesn’t even feel like work! We had so much fun laying under palm trees and soaking in the sun, New York City weather was not something I was ready to rush home too.



revival swim

Revival Swimwear created by Marion Sealy and Caroline Looke, was inspired by bombshell beauties making fashion statements back in the 50’s-90’s era. Stylish icons including  Brigitte Bardot and Cindy Crawford, used inspiration for not only the clothing, but the name itself. Reviving old trends into new fashion.

This collections gives you the clean cut, high waist, neutral tones any girl can ask for. Accompanied by cute studs and lace-up one pieces, this becomes an instant classic. The swim suits are super comfortable, simplistic and all day wearable, to go from beach gyal during the day to sipping drinks on the beach with a cute cover up at night. Not only does this collection give you the waist you’ve been dying for, but it also helps keep the planet clean. Using some of the finest Italian fabrics that contain fibers that are reclaimed fishing nets as a way to clean up the ocean!!! And, with each purchase you receive a reusable biodegradable swim suit pouch to store your wet swim pieces after hitting the beach. How dope is that!?


Don’t wait until summer is here to get your Revival Swimsuit pieces. Order now and you will feel like the bombshell you are.













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