What Goes Around Comes Around

As a kid, making friends seemed so easy but sometimes keeping them as a friend, well that can be told in a different story lol. Growing up my mom always gave me gems to remember, “your first impression, is a lasting impression” or “what goes around will come right back around, so always be kind” and my favorite “treating others the way you want to be treated”. Which in retrospect, is the same as rule #1. But who knew that what goes around comes around, would turn out to be something so luxurious ?



Opening their first location in SoHo, New York over 25 years ago, has given consumers a chance to experience high fashion luxury when shopping for vintage pieces. Just how archaeologist preserve extremely delicate fossils that tell us about the history of the land we walk on , WGACA does the same with iconic fashion house pieces as if they were going extinct. They have paved the way for the pre- Owned luxury market, giving a template to other companies that we have today.

What Goes Around Comes Around is a luxury lifestyle brand. Bringing back to life exquisite vintage pieces from around the world ranging from  Fendi’s iconic Zucca shoulder strapped purse to vintage silk traditional Japanese Haori’s.  They believe in preserving the authenticity of many seasoned fashion pieces that are rare to find. Who wouldn’t want to stumble upon a classic Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas noe’ for a great price??



Attending the grand opening of their new store location on Madison Avenue, we fingered through racks of gorgeous pieces that I have never seen before. Walking through the townhouse made me wish my closet was this beautiful. Cocktails flowing, laughter filling up the well dimmed room , surrounded by fashion history was everything I could ask for. Speaking of making fashion history, I must reflect back on this golden paillete moment created by CD Greene, styled by my good friend Marc Ivory. Featured with metallic gold Jimmy Choo shoes and gold handbag to match, Gold Member has nothing on me.

Thank you so much WGACA for inviting me to help continue to make history,  much luck and success on building your empire. Looking forward to the next 25 years.


Madison Avenue Grand Opening

styled by: @marcivory

hair: @iloveindique // @tb_hairstylist

mua:  @ashleyjayluvv


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