My Spread with Harpers Bazaar Brasil


I would love to give a huge shout out to the team that worked so hard behind the scenes to make this vision come to life. From the wardrobe to the set locations, I was in awe of how everything was coming together. Rocking those accessories with the bright fabric, gave it the reflection of Brasil and the colorful, united and vibrant culture they have to offer.





Fashion in Brasil isn’t all about the newest trends, but the authentic individuality of each person’s style. Being the fifth largest country in the world, you can imagine all of the history behind unique sculptures and buildings. Art never ceases to amaze me on how vibrant and breathtaking creating can be.




Releasing its first fashion issue back in 1867, Harper’s Bazaar is one of the world-renowned fashion magazines and one of my personal favorites. Articles including newest fashion trends, innovative designers and best tips on beauty care.

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Photographer @jdthecombo

Styling: @mickeyboooom

MUA: @erob3me

Hair: @nikoweddle

@Videographer : @jeanlondondia


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