Life as a Fiji Ambassador 2019 !!!


hojmeWow, what a year it has been!!! 2019 has started me off right and there are so many more days left on my calendar to be crossed off. I know that I have accomplished so much, yet I know that my journey has just begun. Being blessed to travel the world to  represent different brands that represent people like me, gives me the most joyous feeling ever. I have traveled the world and have many more to see, always having Fiji at my side makes every trip fulfilling as each sip. Take a glimpse into my world as a Fiji Ambassador!


What Makes FIJI So Special?

When I was a kid, I would always see films or read enchanted stories about a magical fountain bringing extraordinary and supernatural qualities to those who drink it. I would always think that the fountains in Central park  were magical, wishing upon a lucky penny for eternal life. Luckily, for us, FIJI has found an ancient artesian aquifer on the islands of FIJI and bottled up its magic to give us a taste of beautiful, healthy water. Back in 1996, FIJI Water was born! Aiming to share some of the earths finest water with the world, FIJI Water has recently became the top imported bottled water in the US! If that isn’t dope, then I don’t know whats is.

 The water collects in a natural artesian aquifer, deep below the Earth’s surface, shielded from external elements by confining layers of rock. Natural pressure forces the water towards the surface, where it’s bottled at the source, free from human contact until you unscrew the cap. Untouched by man™. Earth’s Finest Water®.

– FIJI Water

FIJI Campaign

FIJI x Soul Cycle 

Soul Cycle and FIJI teamed up together to launch the new Sports Cap Fit bottle for workout junkies like myself. When I was asked to be the face of the branding event, it made me feel so grateful to be recognized as a health and fitness inspiration. I immediately called up my fitness friends and asked them to be apart of this launch to show how useful having the sports cap can be. Being able to bring together models and fitness enthusiasts under one roof kept me smiling all day, even through our intense workout.



FIJI x Fitness 


Keeping your body in shape isn’t just about having that “summer body” ready lol, but to also keep your body in good balance and to maintain your health. It is so important to listen to your body at all times and with the right exercise, it is a perfect way to relieve stress, increase brain memory and reduce your risk of heart disease.  Whether its an intense game of basketball or an early morning 30- minute walk with the dog, taking steps to a healthier lifestyle is what matters most.

Fiji Around The Globe 

Its always fun bringing Fiji with me on trips around the world including Greece, London, Antigua and Mexico. I had so much fun traveling to these countries and being able to embrace their cultures. No matter if I was in Mykonos, Greece or to the Big Ben Tower in London, my Fiji water was coming with me. It’s so great how Fiji Water is accessible to over 60 countries world wide! Each bottle is made with high graded PET Plastic that is fully recyclable, which once recycled can turn into items from apparel to automotive parts.




Out & About with Fiji 

Whether i’m on my way to a fitting or having lunch with friends, I’m always carrying my Fiji bottle with me. The taste that they provide is something I’ve never experienced with any other brands.  You can find Fiji at the most beautiful hotels, fancy restaurants and retails stores in your neighborhood. Pick up your bottle today to find the refreshment you were searching for.





Fiji & My Community



In addition to not only providing the some of THE best water in the world, they have dedicated making long-term environmental impacts to preserve the natural elements of the Fijian Islands. With over 40,000 acres of rain forest land, protected by the Conservation International team, Fiji has not only created jobs for local communities, they have secured contracts that prevents future logging and destroying the land.


 *   *   *   *   *


There is no me without my community, so I always make sure I make time to give back! For years, I have volunteered a helping hand to many amazing organizations who are fighting to make a change in the world. Every year my friends , family and I fund-raise money  and participate by walking to find the cure for Breast Cancer. Although the weather felt like 10 degrees below zero, our family at Fiji provided us with the new Sports Cap Fit bottle to keep up hydrated in that harsh weather.


I want to thank my mom for always being a pillar in my life and showing me what a phenomenal woman looks like here on earth. Always supporting me and being a teacher not only for me but for other women who are in need.

Mothers Day is coming up and you need a gift that says ‘I love that you are thirsty for knowledge’!  Or even looking to have your FIJI Water in the comfort of your own home, visit their website at to sign up today and start your orders today. You can order your own FIJI Water online or visit one of your local corner deli’s for the finest water from the Fijian Islands… FIJI Water.

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