Bulgari x Tribeca Film Festival 2019

New York City is such a magical place, filled with beautiful parks, late night food  joints with 50 % chance of sitting next to Keanu Reeves on the A train makes it all worth while. People call it the city never sleeps, some may say it’s the city that never gives up, but I say it’s the city that fights for what’s right! Every year New York City hosts the Tribeca Film Festival, showcasing independent film makers creative projects come to life. This festival brings together visionaries from around the world, giving them a safe space to tell their stories.  With the festival starting April 24th to May 5th, art and film lovers alike gave their attention to understanding the stories told by these remarkable creators.


Two years ago Bulgari and the Tribeca Film Festival collaborated together to celebrate and highlight diversity in gender film representation. This year Bulgari did a spectacular job at presenting a double screening of the films Celestial and The 4th Wave. Now the best part about these films are that the directors were female and non-binary , bringing representation to both groups!


Bulgari has combined Film and Fashion together, addressing issues throughout our society and creating a platform that can not be broken. Each film gave me a sense of love for self and love for family, two of many important things in life. Not only was the movies amazing, but the panel of cast members and producers gave such a great insight on what really motivated them to share their stories with us.









I had such a great time, I can’t wait for next year. I enjoyed myself so much that I enrolled myself into acting classes to learn the technique of acting. Maybe you’ll see my face in an ad for the next big independent film. Anything is possible!



Congratulations to all of the directors, camera crews and actors for being vulnerable enough to take us on a dynamic journey through your eyes. I have always had the utmost respect for the film industry, being apart of this journey has been a magical experience. Thank you Bulgari and Tribeca Film Festival for creating a space of inclusivity for all.


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