Gothic Glam with Glamour UK

Hello to all my Bennett Babes, I’m back!!! Hope you all enjoyed your Hot Girl Summers, exuding nothing but positive energy and embracing all of the blessings that came your way. There has been so much growth and memories made on my end, I had to take a minute and get back to sharing my experiences with you all. This past summer has been filled with so much love, new campaigns and so many trips I think that I have become immune to jet lag. With the summer officially over, time to toss those bathing suits aside and make room for food because the fall holidays are here!

gothic vamp

Besides the love for layered looks, tall boots and pumpkin spiced lattes, Halloween has consistently been something to look forward too. Whether you plan to dress up as a Naughty Nurse or a Scary Scientist, your make up MUST always be on point! This year for Halloween, I traded in my usual soft glam look for a more ghouly appearance! I partnered with BOOTS and Glamour Magazine to serve you Gothic Vamp Realness! We used Sleek MakeUp products to make this look come to life.

Sleek stepped onto the scene back in 1995 in the heart of East London. They took their time to create a brand in response to deeper skin tones being under represented in the make up industry. Women of all shades and skin tones, fell in love with quality of pigments, 24 shades of life proof concealer along with versatile lip colors. What’s even better is their price point! What gyal wouldn’t want amazing makeup for a great price, Sleek Makeup has done just that.

As an advocate of representing women of color in this industry, I thank you Sleek Makeup for taking the leap in creating makeup for women just like me. The simplistic yet bold colors has been showcased world wide and sold globally. Go online and order your Sleek Makeup today to get your ghoul glam on before it strikes midnight. Below are the list of the products that I used to get this Gothic look.

First, apply Lifeproof Foundation, £8.99 (go a couple of shades lighter than your usual colour) and follow with a matching Lifeproof Concealer, £6.99 under your eyes and centre of your face to create a smooth, even base to work on. Now add glow by dabbing Highlighting Elixir Illuminating Drops in She Got It Glow and Sun.Lit, £6.99 on the high points of your face – cheekbones, centre of the nose, cupid’s bow and under the eyebrows.
Start with Loose Pigment in Trippin & Psychedelic, £5.49, applying all over the eyelids and little underneath the eyes. Using Fierce Felt Liner in Zodiac Black, £5.99, line your top lids, sweeping it out to a dramatic wing. Also, line the inner corners of your eyes, bringing it to a point for a cat-eye shape.
Apply Eylure’s Dramatic Lashes No. 201, £7.75 to the top lashes and Definition Lashes No. 126, £7.25 to the bottom lashes to make your eyes appear larger. To blend in the strip lashes, apply Intense Waterliner in Zodiac Black, £4.99 into the waterline. Now, using the purple shade from i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Original, £8.99, trace the outside of the black eyeliner line on your top and bottom lids.
Line your lips with Locked Up Super Precise Lip Liner in New Rules, £4.99 and fill them in with Say It Loud Satin Lipstick in Bootylicious*. To create an ombre effect, add Lip Dose Soft Matte Lipstick in Wait Your Turn, £5.99 to the outer corners of the lips and blend inwards towards the centre.
Final touches
Apply Mono Highlighter in Sphinx & Lustrous, £6.99 to the highpoints of the face: cheeks, cupid’s bow, under the brows and inner corner of the eyes. Finally, use Cream Contour Kit to contour in the hollows of the cheeks and down the sides of the nose to complete the look.

List created by Rebecca Biao, journalist for Glamour Magazine

Make sure to watch the complete video of me going from girly to goth using Sleek Makeup cosmetics.



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