Skincare Revolution at the MET: Experiencing Noble Panacea

Fall is finally here !!! One of my favorite seasons of the year, not only for the sweet hot chocolate, comfortable fuzzy slippers and fur coats; but what I love most is, it’s Gala Season! I love dressing up in some of the most spectacular hand crafted gowns, constructed by phenomenal designers, sparkling in front of flashing cameras all night. In addition to looking fabulous, you must always make sure that your accessories are on point. We all know that our shoes, clutch and hair must always compliment your attire, but one thing is most important is your skin!

Noble Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart hosted “The Art of Chemistry: An Evening Experiencing A Skincare Revolution” at the legendary Metropolitan Museum of Art. At age 77, Scottish-born chemist Fraser Stoddart and his brilliantly talented team, created a product from “Organic Molecular Vessels (OMVs), a “new and remarkable material protect active ingredients at the molecular level as a means of preserving their potency until they are released in a controlled and precise way. OMVs offer an unprecedented preservation and delivery system for volatile complexion-boosting mainstays, such as retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, and peptides” Now for the rest of us who didn’t pursue scientist as their life career, I’ll try to break it down a bit.

They have created a way where the ingredients in their product are created from natural starches, which can be preserved for long periods of time. These materials make it easy for your skin to produce evenly complexion, skin nourishment and regeneration. The serum, moisturizer and eye creams come in 30 doses (one packet for each day), this allows the cream to keep its potency and freshness. This allows their packaging to be 100% recyclable!!!

Entering through the main halls greeted by hosts , we were seated at tables accented with lightly dimmed lamps presented with the most beautiful cocktail hour, any one could dream of. Dress code being ‘Black Tie’, I reached out to my good friend , and she delivered ( as always) with a stunning gown designed by .

Not only have they created a brilliant way to keep your skin looking magnificent, they have also committed to a 3-year partnership with Girl Up, a non-profit dedicated to promoting the health, safety, education, and leadership of girls in developing countries and worldwide. Of course you know this touches my heart because I am such an advocate to young women’s health and wellness, I love it! Thank you so much for allowing me to share this life changing experience with you, may Noble Panacea spread knowledge and great skin across the world!

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