Desnudo Italia Cover

           2020 has been full of nothing but ups and downs. With Covid-19 taking the world by storm, I pray that you and your family are both in good health during this pandemic. With that in behind, I am beyond excited to share my latest cover for Desnudo Italia. The title of this cover is “Stand Together”. With the current state of the world nothing speaks more volume.  Coronavirus has taken over 70,000 lives and has infected millions of people in the course of 3 months. It has not only caused the world to come to a complete stop but it has forced us to prioritize the things that truly matter.  Living in a time of uncertainty is by far on the most scariest things and It often feels like we are either going through this alone or that we are by ourselves. But the truth is everyone is going through this. I encourage everyone to stand together during this time, stay home, wash your hands and check on your loved ones.

           I would love to thank the amazing team that produced this cover as well as the magazine for the opportunity. The link to the interview is below, please feel free to check out it.

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