Color Blocking- This Season’s Hottest Fashion Trend

When it comes to fashion trends, one thing that will never go out of style is the concept of color blocking. Luxury brands like Hanifa, Valentino and Prada, have used this technique to stand out in this world of fashion and glamour. Many public figures have been seen around town rocking their fave bright color blocking concepts such as Princess Kate Middleton, Cynthia Erivo and our euphoric queen, Zendaya. We see the color blocking and we love the color blocking, So, what is colour blocking and why should you follow this trend?

Before we answer this question, let’s play devils advocate. Can you ask yourself honestly, does your fashion sense define your personality? What would your wardrobe look like without color? Can you truly live without it?

If the answer is No, then color blocking is just the thing for you. This concept combines two or more bold bright colors, that are contradictory to each other to make your outfit shine and stand out. Some of my fave color combo’s are neon yellow and fascia pink, cobalt blue with a sweet tangerine orange or even various shades of green with a pop of purple! The goal of this concept, is to blend the most opposite colors you can find and wear it with confidence.

I couldn’t help but pair this bright, buzzy, neon cashmere sweater and small handbag with my satin cargo trousers and cozy pink trench.

Now, if you are new to this trend, then we suggest you start color blocking with simple, solid colours and also balance your outfit with natural, neutral tones. For the first few times, don’t go for any textures or prints in your  outfit. Also to add that little pop, you can use a handbag or jewellery to complete the look. 

The art of color blocking is to mix any two primary and secondary colours that work in contrast to each. One thing to make sure is that the saturation level of both colours should be same for them to work their magic. You can enhance the look by some accessorizing. 

Colour blocking is not only popular in the apparel fashion but also quite liked by people for home decoration items. A brightly coloured carpet or pair of curtains can make your drawing room lively and pleasant. You can also paint the walls of your room using opposite colours to give it a uniquely charming look. 


From the above information, we hope you are clear on the front that colour blocking is never going out of order. It is one of those timeline fashion trends that will always remain a staple. Hence, if you are someone who has never tried it or is still doubtful about it, we highly recommend that you start today and get yourself a colour blocked outfit. We assure you, you will be landing tons of compliments from people around you. It’s time to take your fashion game a level higher and join the trend!

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