Hey Guys!My name is Afiya Bennett and I am a professional model in New York City! Thats right, the big apple! I wanted to create a blog that gives you insight into my everyday life,  my style, my skin care, events that I may attend, and keeping you guys updated on new things that I’m doing in the fashion world and my personal life. I am looking forward to connecting with you all Don’t be afraid to comment and ask questions and be sure to follow me on social media @afiyabennett.

Facts About Me:

  • I am a Global Brand Ambassador for Fiji Water! 💦💦💦💦💦
  • I’m super fun,  with lots of energy, extremely humble.
  • I am a major animal lover.
  • Young Female Empowerment means the world to me.

As I am traveling the world,  I’ll visit some pretty cool places, share their culture and fashion. I want to share experience and my opinion on the,  what’s hot and what’s not!  Don’t be afraid to share you opinions and ask as many questions as you like, I’m all ears.

Add my Social Media: @afiyabennett on Instagram and Twitter

Personal email: afiyabennett@gmail.com

For PR Opportunities Please Contact:


11 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Hey Afiya,

    I have been inspired by how you have worked hard to pursue your modeling career, since before The Face up until now. I am an aspiring model that has been trying to break into the industry for sometime now. It’s very difficult as you may already know, but not impossible to achieve. I thought I should reach out to someone who’s already in the industry for some advice. You seem like an open person, so I figured you would be perfect.

    First of all, how do you keep your skin so glowing and blemish free?! I’ve never seen you with a single spot on your face! Lol
    I’ve been trying to reach out to photographers to shoot with in order to improve my book, some are really expensive and to be quite honest, I can’t afford it. And others, well, I don’t even get a response. Before you were signed to Marilyn or even became a contestant on the Face, how did you find photographers that were willing to work with you?

    I have visited quite a few agencies open calls here in NYC but haven’t gotten that one YES yet. A lot of them seem to like my look but they say I need to be at least 5’9″ (i’m 5’8″) I know there are a lot of successful models out there that are my height, so I was a little puzzled right there. Some suggested I go to a few other agencies but they don’t hold open calls, so how do you get to meet with them?
    So here’s my next question. How were you able to meet with agencies that didn’t hold open calls such as Wilhelmina and of course Marilynn?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Ps: congrats on everything you have accomplished so far. You are truly an inspiration. Keep working hard!


    1. I thought she was a Ghanaian too. Because her first name sounds like a Ghanaian name. She’s is super beautiful and I just love everything about her. I can’t stop looking at her pictures on instagram. She’s an inspiration.


  2. Hello dear Afiya,
    I’m a writer from Paris, and I\’m publishing a book in december about Pharrell for Didier Carpentier publishing company. http://arts-savoirs.editions-carpentier.fr
    It will be published in all the french stores. It includes interviews of Cris Cab, SWV, Billionaire etc.
    It\’s not a biography, but the impact of Pharrell in different fields and the study of his work (lyrics etc.).
    I\’d like to ask You a couple of questions regarding your work for Snoop, is it possible?


  3. Hy Afiya,

    Thank you for follow me on Instagram (wwwswphoto) i visit your instagram profile and your website… Its really really beautyfull.

    Whenever you come to Switzerland, please contact me and then we can look forward for a Photoshoot.

    Best regards



  4. Hi Afiya – I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following me and giving me some support. It’d be great to know what pulled you towards by site but I understand if you’re a busy ‘gal. Anyway all the best with the modelling. Stunning photos and love your cheekbones! Erm? – Wow! – Take care in the Big Apple! 😉


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