L’officiel Brasil Editorial

I am beyond honored to be in my latest editorial for L’officiel Brasil which celebrates Black Awareness Day in Brazil.  My appearance in this magazine sends a greater message that models of color will be no longer be counted out.  Black Awareness Day is so important for black people to love, respect and understand once and for all that yes, we will no longer be devalued. In fashion, the fight for inclusion on the catwalks, behind the scenes, in the newsrooms and in management positions has been well known. For the market today, it is essential that companies position themselves with an anti-racist purpose, employing, promoting and giving a voice to those who for so long have had their opinion invisible.

Publication Credits

Publication: L’officiel Brasil 

Model: Afiya Bennett

Photographer: Tatiphon Khunon

Stylist: Gloria Johnson

Hair: David Kemp 

Makeup: Judy Chung 

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