Elle India Cover!!!

A Dream Come True!! I can not be more honored to grace this months issue of Elle India. My entire life I have dreamed of gracing the cover of Elle and that dream is now a reality. I loved being able to speak about my journey as a model and highlight some of the lessons I have learned along the way. I took forward to continuing to break barriers and passing those lessons down . My goal is to be able to add to the list of amazing women of colour that have opened doors for the next generation of models. I am beyond thankful to the team that made this happen and look forward to greater opportunities.

Interview Highlights:

ELLE: What is your ultimate goal?

AB: I would like to add to the list of amazing women of colour that have opened doors for the next generation of models. My goal is to be able to utilize my platform as a model to branch out into greater opportunities. I think that it is so important to be multidimensional. The world has a tendency of putting women in boxes, and it’s time that we reclaim that power and say, I am a model, actor, host, entrepreneur, and so much more.

ELLE: What are some of the tips you’d like to share with budding models?

AB: To budding models, my first piece of advice would be to always believe in yourself first. No one is going to be your greatest fan more than you. My second piece of advice would be to study your craft. Learn who are the greatest photographers, designers and creatives. Lastly, I would tell them to learn or create a niche. The great thing about the fashion industry in 2020 is that it is far more inclusive than it was many years ago. There are now plus-size supermodels and Trans models as well. The industry is no longer as black and white as it used to be, and if there is no greater time to create your own lane if you don’t fit, the time is now. 

Full Article: https://elle.in/article/afiya-bennett/

Photographers: Caleb and Gladys

Stylist: Marti Aracucci

Makeup: Soo Park

Hair: David Kemp

Dress: Iris Van Herpen

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